A3/S3 (8L)

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This smart plug in device improves response and gets rid of that lag you get when you put your foot down on the accelerator pedal.
It makes the power of the engine kick in much quicker so the car becomes much quicker and a lot more sportier and fun to drive.
The device just fits in to the plug connection behind your accelerator pedal, so you can fit it yourself with no professional assistance needed.
Benefits include:
- At low revs, the engine responds at approximatley half the time in comparison to before
- the delay time whilst accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear, and the engine in mid range, is almost zero
- improved response for downshifts and safer overtaking
- more fun on the road
- fits all manual, automatic, petrol, and diesel models.
It can be removed at any time so when you come to sell your car you can simply unplug it and fit it onto your next Audi, or sell it on.

Audi A3/S3 (Oct 2000 - 2003) - Sprint booster

At 6mm thick and 4 ply this is one of the best quality silicone air induction hoses on the market.

Can withstand temperatures of between -50c to 220c.
PLEASE NOTE: Will only fit models with one of the following engine codes: BAM - APX - AMK - AUL

Audi S3 - Silicone air induction hose

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