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Have you ever wanted better performing brakes for your AUDI ?


These front and rear upgrade big brake kits will give your Audi incredible stopping power performance, along with impressive sporty looks.


Each brake kit includes either 6 pot or 8 pot big brake calipers for the front and 4 pot or 6 pot calipers for the rear, caliper mounting brackets, a pair of drilled or grooved 2 piece high performance brake discs featuring lightweight aluminium centre bells, high performance brake pads, stainless steel braided brake hoses, tool kit, and complete clear fitting instructions.


Brake discs are available in the following diamater sizes: 286mm, 303mm, 330mm, 355mm, 380mm, and 400mm


6 pot brake calipers are fitted to the 286mm, 303mm, 330mm, and 355mm front brake kits.


8 pot brake calipers are fitted to the 380mm, and 400mm front brake kits.


4 pot brake calipers are fitted to the  286mm, 303mm, 330mm, and 355mm rear brake kits.


6 pot brake calipers are fitted to the 380mm rear brake kit.


The much larger brake calipers allow a lot more clamping action on the larger brake discs, resulting in a lot more braking power than your standard factory fitted brakes. This also means your car is much safer on the road and can help prevent accidents too.


Calipers are available in black, red, yellow, or gold.


Drilled discs are suitable for fast road use and the grooved discs are suitable for track days and racing.


No modifications are required to fit one of these brakes kits to your car.


The biggest size brake kit you can fit with the following alloy wheel sizes are: 15" (286mm kit) - 16" (303mm kit) - 17" (330mm kit) - 18" (355mm kit) - 19" (380mm kit) - 20" (400mm kit) - 22" (400mm kit)


Once you have placed your order we will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm your choice of caliper colour, your choice of having drilled discs or grooved discs, and any other details we may need such as model, engine size, or year of manufacture, in order for us to supply the correct brake kit for your Audi. The brake kits can also be ordered with us over the phone


XYZ Upgrade Big Brake Kits for the Audi 100 - 200

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Audi 100/200 - 286mm XYZ big brake kit      


Audi 100/200 - 303mm XYZ big brake kit      


Audi 100/200 - 330mm XYZ big brake kit      


Audi 100/200 - 355mm XYZ big brake kit      


Audi 100/200 - 380mm XYZ big brake kit  

  FRONT KITS                      REAR KITS



















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Iridium Power Spark Plugs for the Audi 100 - 200

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By harnessing the power of Iridium, DENSO is suddenly able to shrink the surface area of the center electrode - the critical component of a spark plug. Unlike a typical platinum plug that has a 1.1mm diameter center electrode, DENSO Iridium Power plugs have the world's smallest center electrode measuring 0.4mm in diameter. This means that the voltage requirements are decreased while firing performance is greatly improved.


The patented U-Groove design changed the industry standard in the mid 1970s by providing a better design that virtually eliminates erratic starts caused by poor fuel mixture. The U-Groove results in less flame dissipation making the spread of the flame nucleus easier and therefore yielding greater firing energy. It gives the flame a groove to grow in, thereby creating a larger flame front for a complete combustion.

On a conventional plug, the flat electrode design crushes the spark, and the overall volume of the flash front is smaller. The conventional method to improve firing was to increase the spark gap. This has a negative effect on the spark. With a U-Groove firing can be greatly improved without increasing the spark gap.


To help improve ignitability DENSO minimized the portion of the ground electrode that comes in contact with the flame nucleus. Because the area of the ground electrode where the tapered cut comes into contact with the flame nucleus is small, the heat lost to the electrode is lessened and firing performance improves dramatically. The surface area and weight of the ground electrode tip is reduced along with the load in terms of heat and vibrations. This means the spark plug can cope with heavier driving conditions.


Fifty million years ago, an asteroid composed almost entirely of the precious metal Iridium (Ir-77) struck the earth creating the Gulf of Mexico. From this catastrophe came a metal with properties ideal for spark plug construction. Using this element, DENSO has evolved spark plug design to a new level.


DENSO's patented technology makes Iridium Power the best spark plugs you can buy today.


PLEASE NOTE: You will be able to select the quantity you need on the checkout page

Audi 100 - 1.6 - Iridium spark plugs (each)        

Audi 100 - 1.8 - Iridium spark plugs (each)        

Audi 100 - 2.0 - Iridium spark plugs (each)        

Audi 100/200 - 2.2 - Iridium spark plugs (each)  

Audi 100 - 2.3 - Iridium spark plugs (each)        

Audi 100 - 2.6 - Iridium spark plugs (each)        

Audi 100 - 2.8 - Iridium spark plugs (each)        


Audi S4 - 2.2 - Iridium spark plugs (each)          

Audi S4 - 4.2 - Iridium spark plugs (each)











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Silicone Air Induction Hose for the Audi S4

At 6mm thick and 4 ply this is one of the best quality silicone turbo hose kits on the market.


Can withstand temperatures of between -50c to 220c.

Audi S4 (94-97) - Silicone turbo hose kit (3 piece)  




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Powerflex Poly Bushes for the Audi 100 - 200

The special type of polyurethane used is an advanced material which has unique properties. These poly bushes have the ability to offer high performance without vibration or noise but with exceptionally long life.


Your normal rubber suspension bushes undergo enormous strains with no maintenance or lubrication and so deteriorate with age, allowing more and more movement of suspension components and offering less and less control over the suspension geometry. This in turn causes accelerated tyre wear, braking instability, and poor handling.


Fitting Powerflex poly bushes does away with these problems. When fitted, you will instantly notice an increase in handling, prolonged tyre life, as well as an increase in safety.


PLEASE NOTE: These poly bushes will only fit the 1976 - November 1990 models.

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Audi 100/200 - Powerflex front outer control arm bushes (pair)  


Audi 100/200 - Powerflex front inner control arm bushes (pair)  


Audi 100/200 - Powerflex steering arm to rack bushes (pair)