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Sprint Booster for the Audi A5/S5

This smart device improves acceleration by continously measuring and converting the digital signal to the ECU, with a new and altered signal and because it simply just plugs in, it means you can fit it yourself with no professional assistance needed.

Benefits include:

- At low revs, the engine responds at approximatley half the time in comparison to before

- the delay time whilst accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear, and the engine in mid range, is almost zero

- improved response for downshifts and safer overtaking

- more fun on the road

- fits all manual, automatic, petrol, and diesel models. Fits everything basically

Audi A5/S5

The Eibach Anti Roll Bar Kit allows critical fine tuning of the vehicle's handling characteristics

Once you fit an Eibach anti roll bar kit you will get:
- Reduced body roll when cornering
- Fine tuning of the vehicle's suspension for precise, crisp predictable improved handling
- A much more sporty ride

The kit is designed to fit straight on without any modifications and it is cold formed from high-strength, aircraft grade steel for longer lasting performance


Audi A5/S5 - Eibach anti roll bar kit


The H&R upgrade performance anti roll bars simply replace your standard front and rear factory fitted roll bars.

Once fitted your Audi will handle much better, have more stability by having much less body roll around bends and corners, and will be much more sportier and fun to drive.
Made from high tension steel. New bushes are also supplied with the anti roll bar kits.
The kits are also 2 way adjustable for extra precison suited to your driving style.


A strut brace simply bolts on to the front suspension turrets. They take about 10 minutes to fit. Once fitted the car has much more stability and a much firmer sportier ride. The suspension will feel more tighter and precise.
Whilst driving the steering will feel more stable and direct as the chassis flex is now reduced.

Audi A5/S5/RS5 - Front strut brace

Have you ever wanted better performing brakes for your AUDI ?

These front and rear upgrade big brake kits will give your Audi incredible stopping power performance, along with impressive sporty looks.
Each brake kit includes either 6 pot or 8 pot big brake calipers for the front and 4 pot or 6 pot calipers for the rear, caliper mounting brackets, a pair of drilled or grooved 2 piece high performance brake discs featuring lightweight aluminium centre bells, high performance brake pads, stainless steel braided brake hoses, tool kit, and complete clear fitting instructions.
Brake discs are available in the following diamater sizes: 286mm, 303mm, 330mm, 355mm, 380mm, and 400mm
6 pot brake calipers are fitted to the 286mm, 303mm, 330mm, and 355mm front brake kits.
8 pot brake calipers are fitted to the 380mm, and 400mm front brake kits.
4 pot brake calipers are fitted to the 286mm, 303mm, 330mm, and 355mm rear brake kits.
6 pot brake calipers are fitted to the 380mm rear brake kit.
The much larger brake calipers allow a lot more clamping action on the larger brake discs, resulting in a lot more braking power than your standard factory fitted brakes. This also means your car is much safer on the road and can help prevent accidents too.
Calipers are available in black, red, yellow, or gold.
Drilled discs are suitable for fast road use and the grooved discs are suitable for track days and racing.
No modifications are required to fit one of these brakes kits to your car.
The biggest size brake kit you can fit with the following alloy wheel sizes are: 15" (286mm kit) - 16" (303mm kit) - 17" (330mm kit) - 18" (355mm kit) - 19" (380mm kit) - 20" (400mm kit) - 22" (400mm kit)
Once you have placed your order we will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm your choice of caliper colour, your choice of having drilled discs or grooved discs, and any other details we may need such as model, engine size, or year of manufacture, in order for us to supply the correct brake kit for your Audi. The brake kits can also be ordered with us over the phone







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