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LED Daytime Running Lights for the Audi Q7

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These LED units can be easily fitted on your front bumper or front grille.


They come with wiring and fittings so can easily be connected up to any live connection (eg: side lights).


Each unit has 8 LED's inside which are bright white when lit. Each unit is 110mm long by 16mm high.

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Audi Q7 (pair)


White LED Daytime Running Light Strips for the Audi Q7

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These LED strips are flexible so you can practically fit them anywhere you like such as under your headlights or in your front bumper or front grilles.


If you look at the pictures on the left you can see how effective they look fitted under or inside each headlight.


The LED's are bright white, e-marked and fully road legal.


The LED strips are available in two different size lengths and are also trimmable so you can shorten them to any length you like suitable to where you will be fitting them.


Prices shown are for a pair and come complete with fitting instructions and are very easy to fit.

Two 35cm length LED strips  


Two 50cm length LED strips  




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LED Number Plate Light Units for the Audi Q7

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These new LED light units simply replace your standard bulb type number plate light units.


Each unit has 18 super bright white built in LED's for that ultimate look.


They just plug straight in the same as the original light units, with no modifications needed, so very easy to fit.


They are fully compatible with the on board computer so you get no error messages on your dashboard telling you there is a bulb out.


They are e marked and fully road legal.


They should also last the liftetime of the car so you'll never need to change a bulb again.


Audi Q7 - LED number plate light units (pair)

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